Pause for A While

Blue MountainI wish I could pause for a while. To take a look at a scenery, to relax, or to think. Or maybe when you’re talking to someone, pausing can help him digest what you’re talking about. It’s important, but some people are talking too fast and too much.

Looking at the picture above, I suddenly remember that I have a long desire to study digital picture manipulation — at least the basic. It allows me to manipulate any pictures exactly as I want it. And to study new knowledge outside my major, I surely need to pause my daily routine. I obviously can’t learn new things without unlearning something, right?

Or maybe, once in a while I can retreat myself to see a scenery so astonishing, then pause and look at them in awe. This kind of pause is what I need right now. Maybe someday I can learn new things without being constrained by any rules and fields. But not now.

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