Not a Prudent Purchase


Suddenly, I was left with much vacant hours. I didn’t know what to do, so it would be prudent if I just. . . play games?

I thought that after too much times was used to work as a college student, I needed some leisure times. Knowing how to enjoy life and spend your time is vital to your success, I think. Because for me, if I got bored I’ll end up buying things I shouldn’t have.

And that wouldn’t be a prudent decision, would it? Yesterday, I bought Tyranny game because I was bored to tears. I recognize that for now, I prefer FPS games to any other game genre. After playing for an hour, I refunded it. The problem is that the money can be used for other important things, but right now it’s only usable on Steam.

Anyway, being prudent sometimes breeds boredom. You won’t feel adrenaline rushed through your body because you’re making mistakes. In my opinion, you shouldn’t be prudent all the times. Occasionally, you have to take risks and being foolish. 

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