A Champion of Others

Video Kampanye Ahok.PNG

Usually I do not go into politics. It’s full of treachery, deceit, and manipulation. But unfortunately, it’s the most significant thing that influences how our life will be for the next uncertain times.

I was educated by my high school teacher about the importance of college graduate. They were supposed to help its nation — in this case, Indonesia — rise and become a considerable competitor among other countries in context of technological and social advancements. Without become one — he said — we’re just wasting our time at college.

I wanted to become one — champion of other causes, including Islam — a champion of my life. I want to achieve what I want in life, but unfortunately I don’t really know what I want. Then, how am I supposed to become a champion or champion one’s cause?

The above picture was taken from one campaign video for a candidate governor in Jakarta. It somehow depicts Islam as a rebel. It’s written there “Ganyang Cina (Abolish Chinese People)”. Even though I’m indifferent to Chinese people, I honestly think this is an insult to Islam people. I hope there are more champions who defend the rights of many people. Including Islam, but unfortunately I’m not one of them.

2 thoughts on “A Champion of Others

  1. i really agree, somehow the recent campaign of a candidate is annoying and reflect that they’re not feel capable enough to win citizen’s heart without disregarding other parties. I completely lose my respect to them.

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