Life Purposes

Being an Outlier

Outlier Problem
Is an outlier a thing? Can someone be feeling excluded from his groups?

After reading the book I bought, suddenly I was reminded that we were never created to live fully individually. When our ancestors lived nomadically, they moved from one place to another in groups. I think they very rarely got separated. Before came politics hundreds of thousand years ago, no one had felt as an outlier.

Life changes rapidly, and suddenly people who fight for the truth have somehow become outliers. They somehow perceived as a threat of a nation, if not being regarded with disdain. I don’t want to talk about this in particular right now.

Maybe being different is wrong — it’s better to conform with society. Or maybe being an outlier is something bad; no one should think of it as something special or justifiable. But if you want to be an outlier, don’t do it alone. You’ll never get far by striving to your targets alone; you’ll only reach them faster.

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