Life Purposes

Choosing to Live in Denial

Living in Denial Quote

Avoiding confrontation of or refusing to admit that reality or problems exist is easy. I do it regularly. Especially when someone — for instance, my college teacher — is comparing me to other people who are more successful than me in terms of college achievements, I’m suddenly entering the state of denial.

I mean, what’s wrong if I’m not as good as them? I want to be whoever I want without being pressured to be someone else I don’t acquaint with. Some people should just realize that comparing people actually can cause to backfire — instead of motivating, it’s discouraging them.

Maybe it sounds like I’m denying that something needs to be fixed within me. Well, I do. I actually change myself if — and only if — I feel the dire need of. Because I believe in one quote:

If an egg is broken from the outside force, life ends. But if it’s vice versa, life begins. Great life always begins from the inside.

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