Life Purposes

Healing Completely

Healing Pinterest Quote
We’ve all been wounded one way or another. We came to this world flawlessly but life taints us physically and emotionally. We make mistakes, sins, and follies that could have been avoided had we listened, learned, and thought more before we took actions.

Unfortunately, our brains remember bad things more easily than the good ones. Thus, we often can’t move on to the more pressing issues at hands rather than remembering the pasts that wounded us deeply. And the more we remember, the more we get wounded.

The most common advice is to learn as many lessons as we can from our past and use them so we don’t do the same mistake twice or more. But humans often forget, so in my opinions the wounds need to be very deep and hurtful to plant into our memories.

But, we have to heal completely from the past that wounds us — no reason we should be hindered by our mistakes. I think that we can take as much time as we want to heal ourselves as long as the damage no longer controlling our lives. The damage inflicted by our past should not be forgotten, but be remembered so we can be wiser in the future.

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