Blindly Accepts

The Eyes are Blind
One of my junior high school teachers used to say, “Books are the windows to the knowledge available on this lovely Earth.” He wasn’t wrong; reading is a very effective method to increase our knowledge and gaining new insights.

But accepting the facts blindly read or heard makes you misinformed, and the consequences can be severe. You can end up hating the innocent people and defending the unjust ones. And in this post-truth era, you can’t really sure what’s right and wrong.

Another thing is that people blindly accepts — or follows — new or current trends happening around them. One of the things that bugs me very hard is, “Why would people buy ludicrously expensive things albeit they don’t utilize it fully?”

For instance, Lamborghini car in a very dense city where you’d be so lucky even to reach 40 kph or maybe buying US$1,200 graphic card even though you’re not going to play in 5K resolution or higher or to compute. This makes me envy and hateful at the same time.

What I’m trying to deliver at this post is the same as what my friend said to me, “Use your mind.”


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