Unraveled Society

History Quote.jpg
A society that does not learn history is a society starting to unravel (inspired from here). Although there’s a quote quotes Napoleon saying, but I believe there’s still truth to history.

Supernormal Stimuli book said that human species were created to learn, to adapt to changes around them so they could survive. . . and create history. It’s the only way to keep the society from disintegrating and unraveling; we need to keep moving.

I think that there’s a fine distinction between studying and learning. Learning means you apply the knowledge you’ve absorbed to the real world, and constantly improve by recognizing the mistakes you make in the process and refine the learning process.

But as you already know, the society actually already starts to unravel itself. Indifference, scapegoating and insulting others, follies and other kind of things seems never end. Honestly, I’m fed up by these things. And the choice of retreating from online social world now seems more appealing than ever.

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