Measure a Student’s Worth

Imagine Cup - Cimol Team

I don’t blame companies who prefer hire talented and students who already achieve so much in their academic. But, the problem is what will happen to those who never join any competitions or achieve anything worth noticing. Are they still worth something?

Apart from something quantified like GPA — and achievements and sorts — companies usually consider the projects they’ve done and their expertise to measure a student’s worth. If you’re an expert at lip service, there’s a high chance that you can convince them to hire you. But, are we worth something than that, or even less?

What if a student suddenly changes his mind and finds out that he’s not at the major he’s most passionate — let’s say he wanted to quit at the fourth semester. He can’t simply retreat or drop out — he surely has to continue. But if somehow his GPA’s got affected for the worse, would he be still worth something? Let us hope.

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