Chuckle: A Painful Laugh

Douglas Adams' QuoteUsually, I chuckled when I wanted to suppress laugh because the opportunity weren’t appropriate. For instance, when I was insulted but there wasn’t anything I could do, I’d just chuckle to mask my offended feelings. Or of course, when it was about work.

But obviously, I prefer laughing out loud to a chuckle. It’s giving you more freedom and releases more happiness hormones — I always get them mixed up. But my self-image sometimes is more important than mere hormones, so I go for the former.

Another example is when I do my assignments stressfully and I read my friends’ chats and they’re also distressed. I don’t know why but it feels good to have someone who feel the same pain as me and it leads me to having stressful chuckle and eventually a painful laugh. It hurts, actually.

The moral is that when you’re with your acquaintainces/friends or families, you should laugh as freely as you want because in my opinion, chuckles sometimes are painful laughs.

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