Brain Fried

Brain Fried Egg.jpg
Summarily, a brain fried term means that your brain is overworked, overloaded or something like that that makes you don’t feel like doing things especially the things that require thinking, even the things you love doing the most.

For me, this occurs after I’m sitting still in college for several hours straight and doing assignments by sitting for a very long time. Feels like I don’t have a me-time, even when actually I still can afford to do the things I like when I want to. It’s just . . . it’s different.

This brain fried phenomenon has robbed me of my passions and my desires to learn something new and achieve my previous dreams. Really, the only thing I want right now is to finish this semester, get an internship position in the same city where I attend college albeit not being paid at all and continue with my own life.

It sounds selfish, I know. But honestly, I’ve become someone I don’t really want to be right now — cold, aloof, overthinking, lazy, etc. Conclusively, the first thing I can do is to de-fry my brain. But how?

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