An Avid Gamer

Middle Earth - Shadow of MordorI used to dream to make my former hobby (i.e gaming) as my long-life job. You know, the kind who dedicated their lives to bring the best performance in the MMO game championship, like this team. Unfortunately, I’m no longer an avid gamer myself because of certain reasons.

Then, I moved on and temporarily become an avid reader. I bought several famous novel book from Sidney Sheldon — like Master of The Game and Mistress of The Game. And then I realized that my budget wouldn’t support my hobby as a reader, so I ceased.

Now, if time permits, maybe I’ll return as an avid gamer, albeit only for myself — in the Single Player games where they give you meaningful and deep stories that you can connect to emotionally with the main characters and their companions. Or maybe the ones with the gorgeous But for now, it’s still a desire.

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