Exposed to Social Media

I had posted about supernormal stimuli several weeks ago. And I think that social media is one of them. The joy of living a lifestyle albeit not earning it is. . . great. And in this post, I’m talking about one of the most famous social media on Earth: Instagram.

I’m bored with Instagram. It’s filled with people showing up their personal life, and . . . for what, exactly? I don’t get it. Really. It’s like . . . they have an obligation to amuse their followers so they won’t unfollow you. Wait, people can unfollow, right? The effects of exposure to this giant social media are very frightening, in my opinion.

I read a listicle — yeah, I despise it but still, it’s good — about why Instagram is so bad for your mental health.

I also embed a video I watched several days ago. Just skip to 3:05 and you should be okay.

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