Wish to be Apprenticed

Learning new life skills is necessary, like my brother-in-law once said. And there’s truth in it. He thinks that once a man stop learning, he ceases to be useful.

But looking for someone willing to apprentice me, for example, is another matter. I feel I’m incapable of selling myself when the interviews are being held, and that is proof enough for them, the masters to judge me inferior. Continue reading


Measure a Student’s Worth

Imagine Cup - Cimol Team

I don’t blame companies who prefer hire talented and students who already achieve so much in their academic. But, the problem is what will happen to those who never join any competitions or achieve anything worth noticing. Are they still worth something?

Apart from something quantified like GPA — and achievements and sorts — companies usually consider the projects they’ve done and their expertise to measure a student’s worth. If you’re an expert at lip service, there’s a high chance that you can convince them to hire you. But, are we worth something than that, or even less? Continue reading


Cusp between Motivated and Disinterested

Sort of Disintersted.jpg

I don’t want to blame anything or anyone. Apparently, blaming things won’t solve any problems. But what I feel right now. . . let’s say I’m on the cusp between motivated and disinterested.

Disinterested may be a common issue here. Some of my friends were motivated when they freshly entered my current college. Now, they may be disinterested in finding internship. In my opinion, it’s safe to assume that there’s something bad happened in the process. But I won’t talk about it here. Continue reading


Acceptance of Choice


This is a picture of the arguably one of the most famous college in Indonesia, if it still is. This college is surprisingly small, compared to college like Universitas Indonesia or Universitas Gadjah Mada. But, the circumstances that led me here was rather complicated.

I was accepted for a 4-year scholarship at Universitas Telkom because I was ranked at the third place when they held some kind of acceptance test. I have to admit, it was out of luck and though my parents were so proud of me, I felt hollow. It was —sorry if I’m being too cocky — too easy. Continue reading