Relaxing Myself

I am easily bored,
getting all stressed up from my class every Monday – Friday. So many serious subjects to be studied only for little time,too many assignments to do.

To release myself from dying of boredom, I usually take my time to read. Of course, the relaxing ones. It may be also serious subjects, but it differs in terms of context and pressure. I am able to use my imagination while I am reading subjects that I admire. Continue reading


Hope You’ll Be Well, Friend


I’m sorry,

my friend. I was always discouraging you.

I told you everyday when we were in high school that someday, in the future the oil industry would be obsolete. Forgotten.

But I respect you. You were so determined that somehow, your future lied here. You were so sure that this was what you want. I could look it into your eyes, and your eyes were burned with passion and spirit. Continue reading