Life Purposes

Strong Roots

Pohon depan ITB
A couple of trees with strong roots, but unfortunately never used for shelters.

It actually reminds me of people who are very smart, creative and brilliant who aren’t used by society because they couldn’t fit. 

Amazingly, these trees didn’t collapse when the heavy rain stormed the city several days ago. I guess strong roots expand your life span, somehow.

Life Purposes

Mind the Journey

Once I heard that theHappiness Quote by Andy Rooney process is more important than the results. I think that they’re equally important. Maybe — just maybe — we’re trained to put our standards so high we forget that each man has different journey occurring in his life. We’re trained not to mind the journey.

But the journey is important because that’s when and where we’re developing and maturing ourselves. With growth, comes happiness — and wisdom — because we’re able to see the world in a wider point of view.

I know that climbing the mountain is a hard journey, but usually it’s worth it. Usually.


Life Purposes

Healing Completely

Healing Pinterest Quote
We’ve all been wounded one way or another. We came to this world flawlessly but life taints us physically and emotionally. We make mistakes, sins, and follies that could have been avoided had we listened, learned, and thought more before we took actions.

Unfortunately, our brains remember bad things more easily than the good ones. Thus, we often can’t move on to the more pressing issues at hands rather than remembering the pasts that wounded us deeply. And the more we remember, the more we get wounded. Continue reading

Life Purposes

Being an Outlier

Outlier Problem
Is an outlier a thing? Can someone be feeling excluded from his groups?

After reading the book I bought, suddenly I was reminded that we were never created to live fully individually. When our ancestors lived nomadically, they moved from one place to another in groups. I think they very rarely got separated. Before came politics hundreds of thousand years ago, no one had felt as an outlier.

Life changes rapidly, and suddenly people who fight for the truth have somehow become outliers. They somehow perceived as a threat of a nation, if not being regarded with disdain. I don’t want to talk about this in particular right now.

Maybe being different is wrong — it’s better to conform with society. Or maybe being an outlier is something bad; no one should think of it as something special or justifiable. But if you want to be an outlier, don’t do it alone. You’ll never get far by striving to your targets alone; you’ll only reach them faster.

Life Purposes

Choosing to Live in Denial

Living in Denial Quote

Avoiding confrontation of or refusing to admit that reality or problems exist is easy. I do it regularly. Especially when someone — for instance, my college teacher — is comparing me to other people who are more successful than me in terms of college achievements, I’m suddenly entering the state of denial.

I mean, what’s wrong if I’m not as good as them? I want to be whoever I want without being pressured to be someone else I don’t acquaint with. Some people should just realize that comparing people actually can cause to backfire — instead of motivating, it’s discouraging them. Continue reading

Life Purposes

A Passport to Peace

Honesty is Icy 1

You can always be successful by using your skills and knowledge, not to mention hard work and dedication. But what my sister always reminded me of was that no matter what you do, you have to be honest.

When you’re honest, you don’t have to remember anything bad that you did in the past. You don’t have to hide it for so long you’ll feel agony. At first, of course it may hurt so much— mostly because people consider your deed as a bad thing and react with hostility — but after you get through it, you will feel you’ve released a ton of pressure off your back. Continue reading

Life Purposes

The Elixirs of Afterlife

Sadaqah Jaariyah
I think of elixir as a liquid, a drink to extend our life. If you have played The Sims 3, I’m sure you’ll be familiar. In the game, the Elixir of Life resets your age to the beginning of the life phase, like young adult. Unfortunately, if you’re doing this repeatedly you might get bored. But not in this life.

Sharing is caring. And by sharing, you will make people happier, and eventually you become happier too. Maybe become more peaceful. In Islam, you can give particular ongoing charity —we call it Sadaqah Jariyah — and reap rewards and blessing both in this worldly life and Hereafter.

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