3 Reasons Why You Should Make a Blog

Only three?!

Hah, not really. If you really want to read more reasons, consider checking these two sites I recommend: here, here, and here. Otherwise, please stay with me.

All right, as maybe you’ve guessed, I partly got inspirations from those two sites. But, I will try to keep this content as original as possible (though that is almost impossible).

Here are the reasons why you should make a blog:

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(Only?) 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Commit Suicide

Hello again.

Sometimes I wonder, why would someone commit suicide? I mean, they were the one who put themselves in the situation they lived in the first place.

I hate people who committed suicide. I hate them because they choose the easy way out, like they were thinking that their problems would fade away as soon as they leave this world. It is a silly way of thinking, in my opinion.

Alright, enough of my whining. Let’s get to the first point, shall we?

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