Unraveled Society

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A society that does not learn history is a society starting to unravel (inspired from here). Although there’s a quote quotes Napoleon saying, but I believe there’s still truth to history.

Supernormal Stimuli book said that human species were created to learn, to adapt to changes around them so they could survive. . . and create history. It’s the only way to keep the society from disintegrating and unraveling; we need to keep moving. Continue reading


Blindly Accepts

The Eyes are Blind
One of my junior high school teachers used to say, “Books are the windows to the knowledge available on this lovely Earth.” He wasn’t wrong; reading is a very effective method to increase our knowledge and gaining new insights.

But accepting the facts blindly read or heard makes you misinformed, and the consequences can be severe. You can end up hating the innocent people and defending the unjust ones. And in this post-truth era, you can’t really sure what’s right and wrong. Continue reading


A Champion of Others

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Usually I do not go into politics. It’s full of treachery, deceit, and manipulation. But unfortunately, it’s the most significant thing that influences how our life will be for the next uncertain times.

I was educated by my high school teacher about the importance of college graduate. They were supposed to help its nation — in this case, Indonesia — rise and become a considerable competitor among other countries in context of technological and social advancements. Without become one — he said — we’re just wasting our time at college. Continue reading


A Fortune Well Spent (April Fool’s Day)

Fortune is often associated with a huge amount of money or wealth. When I was rather innocent, I had a dream to use my fortune to help people. Sounds cliché but what did I know? Most people would rather spend them on luxury items such as fast cars, beautiful mansions, and sophisticated technology.

But this is April Fool’s day I’m talking about. And some of the biggest companies in the world are spending their fortunes to prank people — I only know who make the pranks — in an intelligent way. I envy them; it turns out that you can spend your fortunes in a fancy way that can make people laugh and entertained. Or maybe get their intelligence insulted, who knows.

Continue reading