How To: Increase Your Post’s Readibility


That was what I was thinking when I visited a blog that had a paragraph consisted of over 30 lines. Worse, there were no blank space at all. Afraid that I might waste my time, I finally decided to just stop reading.

Here’s what I’m thinking when people posted a ridiculously long paragraph:

That is supposed to be a common sense, damn it!

Unless it’s talking about something related to education, like “How to Create An Amazing Thesis” or “Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Reasoning“, I think it is very inappropriate to just write everything that goes into your head to your posts. I think it’s very torturing :D.

All right, to ensure that I do not contradict my topic, here are the main points:

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First Blog


I am new to writing blog posts! That means you can also say that I have no experience in writing!

Now, maybe you are thinking. Why don’t I learn how to write good posts in Google?

Well, I have. But honestly, reading in my opinion is far easier than writing your own posts.

Well, you may think that this is already an obvious fact. If writing were that easy, anyone can be a good writer. There will be much more books available in bookstores today than ever.

But wait, I want to share my opinions on why writing is way harder than reading.

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